Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Celebrating spring with edible Centerpieces

It's  s p r i n g
and I'm
welcoming the season with three different stunning spring centerpieces. 

 bursting with color.

I seriously love spring.
 I'm not saying it's my favorite season, 
am I saying it's not.

What I am saying is
 I am soooo impress with
its sea of dogwood trees 
 all color.

I just wanted to bring a little outdoor indoor..

 I'm in love with the pinks, yellow, greenery, purples , reds.

But I've noticed there is a lot of shades of white going on to include dogwood trees, azaleas and my love, impatiens. 

Don't you just love the pink and white dogwood trees?

I found the same inspiration
 with all the colors in  fruit

I wanted simplicity
color of course for my centerpiece.

Should I do the tradition beautiful fresh flowers
an edible arrangement kept dancing in my mind,


the more I starred at the colors of bell peppers, why not?

Then there were the radishes

Each color inspired me.

Take a peep.

Until the next time
Enjoy the moment.


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My Spring deck... this way

Spring deck wish list!

I just stared at my deck for a few minutes. 
So many thoughts kept running thru my mind.  
The temp was STILL cold;
either raining or light snow.
It was another cloudy spring day!
I had a plan.
I couldn't wait!

I knew I must make 
the deck a spring getaway.
I knew it had to be cozy.

I envisioned containers 
overflowing with blooms
 on every corner,
 on tables,
on any available stand.

Each chair needed a pillow.
 They could be of
different color,

I didn't forget the need for lush greenery .

 I began to use my powers of thrifting.

First, I shopped within my home.
Then I checked out @Lowe's plant clearance rack.

My deck transformed into 
 a cozy retreat.  

If you're looking for me, I'm celebrating the arrival of spring with 
warmer weather.  

This is it!

Let them bloom!

Until the next time,


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tablescape with shades of purple

I just want to warn you, my tablescape
 doesn't have placements.

Yes, forgo the placements! 
I didn't go with the tradition. 
 That's it,
 I mixed and matched serving trays. 

Just a note, 
it didn't all come together on the  first try.

My inspiration started with the 
serving trays.

I pulled out 2 Kate Spade cups I scored  2 years ago from
@Homegoods for 2 dollars each.
A 50 cent scarf layered between
Pottery Barn plates and serving trays added  more color.

Perfect for spring,
 a combination of fresh flower serving as a centerpiece. 
 After purchasing the greenery,
I realized it could have been free from my yard.
  Now I know, right?

Take a look.
  Don't forget your coffee,
 as I have a few pics to share.
 Expect to see lots of color.

Until the next time

Friday, February 9, 2018

love...Love...L O V E

But the greatest of these is LOVE.

If there was ever a doubt in my mind about being a bargain hunter, the doubt is no longer there.

Now that it's Valentine's Day, it's just an excuse to bring out those finds,  
 pink candles.

 I must pat myself on the back for buying these earlier. 

 I'm so proud of 
for decorating with thrifty decor.

So glad Valentine's comes in the middle of WINTER. 
 There're the roses, bouquet of flowers and the softer touches of color that scream spring.

Did you know we enjoy family time at holidays, except for Valentine's?
It's the day designed for 

Happy Valentine's  Day.

I collect candles, candlesticks, serving trays,
tablecloths, runners, napkins and white dishes.

I'm retired!
 I have time to grab a cup of coffee
 rush out of the house to the next sale.
  I'm just like that working person rushing out to beat the
morning traffic.

 I'm my own personal  shopper.

I'm impress with the person
who knows what they love.
Whether it's that candle that
sets the tone or the candle that  lights the mood.

Or a trunk serving double duty at the table.

Enjoy the day and receive the love.


Saturday, January 20, 2018


It was a challenge!
WINTER weather can take a toll on your outdoor living habits. 

I struggled to get my deck decorated
 before the snow melted.

It was 55 degrees today,
  Between my foot steps and the rising temperature,
 I was fortunate to include a little snow with my decor.
Oh yes, I slipped but I didn't fall. 
 That I'm thankful for.

Hope you are inspired.

I added a few before pics.

My favorite word for the WINTER season is cozy.
The combination of candles,
  plaid blanket and faux fur throw create a cozy look.

These candles...

I love a beautiful tablescape
 especially one so simple. 
 All I needed were five candles.
  No more,
 no less 
How beautiful.

Do you enjoy outdoor living year round?
  I have my favorite seasons.

Love the coziness.  
I wanted a cup of coffee, but timing was everything.
Just one sip please?


A few candles make any space cozy.

I ADORE my magnolia clippings. 
 What an inexpensive addition.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Hope you enjoyed the different decor used to staged the deck.

Be safe and stay warm.
Until the next time,
  • Susan