Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Winter decor

Something about that white stuff inspires me!

It's the view .... everything so fresh, so white, so clean and so pure.   

These snow days motivated me to "let it go" wishing for an early spring, or a temp of at least 40 degrees,  but to relax and enjoy the moment.  

So my version

relaxation and moments of enjoyment .... simple changes in my home.

I begun adorning my trunk with a wintry setting.

It started with a switcheroo as I hummed "let it  go, let it go, let it go".  Feel free to hum along!

It took me a while to complete this simple winter scene as my initial thought was to showcase my furry throw I purchased for the winter.

here it is,

my trunk,

Simple but yet so beautiful.

My trunk is the perfect space to adorn.  I love it because it can be done with just a few items.

Pine cones make a great statement. I purchased several bags and they have been well used from  fall to winter.

The frosted candle holders and snowflake candles compliment each other and reflect a perfect winter scene.

When I saw this sign, it screamed "take me home, I'll be that conversational piece for you".

The bottle brush tree loves its new home.  
My most recent find.

I purchased these boxes several years ago from Michael's and HomeGoods.  Great choices.

Today, the sun is shinning and I am so thankful we didn't lose power.

 Warm wishes!


Friday, January 15, 2016

Keep it or tuck it away!

Happy Friday and Happy New Year! 

Do you wrestle with what Christmas decorations hit the storage bins and/or what decor may have a connection to winter?

As I unwrapped my Christmas tree and tucked away all its trimmings, I begun to warm my home with things that fit the season.  I also begun to reflect on the past and dream dreams as I placed each item in its new space.

I filled my mantle with d├ęcor I'm personally drawn to:

bottle brushed trees
wooden trees

It's a new year, a new look.

There is always a home for my blankets, throws and a pine cone around the fireplace from Christmas holiday and beyond.

Enjoy the view.


I'm surrounding myself
 with things that make me happy. 

warm winter wishes


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Seasonal Touches 2016

... and the season is WINTER 

no snow,  not even a flurry or a light dusting,


the winter chill is here.
It's  cold outside!


I sorta  like winter.
What about you?

Tis the season for Christmas time
Tis the season for a new year


Tis the season to find finds

If you're looking for a winter scene, continue to  stroll
to view a winter display of my recent finds.

Just sit back and scroll!

Keep scrolling

My new year finds include mug quotes for a dollar during one of my trips to
 TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods.

"Let it Snow"
"Baby, it's cold outside" 
"Naughty is the new Nice"

These mercury glass candle holders are
perfect for the mugs.
Keep scrolling

There is more....

This candle holder screamed take me home...
"It's Winter Time"

Do you use pine cones from fall to winter?
Well, I am not alone.
Very festive for the season.

Being "nice" is a habit. 

Winters are meant to enjoy?
Happy Winter
Warm Wishes