Thursday, July 6, 2017

Amazing shades of pink


ARE you obsessing over peonies this year?

There are somethings I wish its beauty was forever,
peonies are one of them.

I know I'm not alone, right?

Take a peek
 at this small round

 table bursting with peonies,

e v e n
the petals.

Who said it has to be a large table to hold pretties?

Have you ever wonder what really
 happens behind the scene

b e f o r e 


s h a r e

 of something beautiful?

Today, I'm sharing  a before a share shopping experience.

Shop, shop, shop
Yes, yes, yes
But there's more than you see.

It's no secret there is a lot of thought put in the process.
You are about to go behind the scene.

First things first.
As a cost conscious shopper,

my shopping cart is at the end of the clearanced aisle.
Don't like a congested area
 or any thing that may interfer with my dream.

You ask, why did I choose that item.

There are many times I admired the item before it was
It could have been as early as the first day on the shelf. 

a bottle of water is a must.

I prefer liitle  conversation  as I carefully pick a deal.

Always looking for quality  decoration. 
Must share the best.

If I don't see the clearance  aisle,  I ask.
My time is precious.

At check out, I stay focus as each item is scan.
I have a budget.

What's my favorite place to shop?
Shopping spree begins at home.

I stroll
 the same aisle a number of times.


many of my finds are the second time around.

That's part of what happens before I  share.

Enjoy the moment.
Until the next time,


Friday, June 30, 2017

Let's celebrate Independence Day

God bless America! 

If you love grilled food, cold drinks,
surrounded by red, white and blue,
 you are among millions celebrating Independence Day.

It's almost July 4th.
  Nothing gets better than the American flag flying high.

Who's dreaming of all the 4th traditions?
Are you a fan of the ocean
do you prefer the backyard gathering?

How about this to reflect the celebration.

Once I get the vision,
 I'm non stop.

I thought of candles.
Yes please.

I am inspired with timer candles,
especially when you spot  them on Targets 
cart stopping clearance aisle.

Oh how I am liking this.

Red, white and blue.
Nothing gets better than family time.

A shot to get you inspired for the holiday.

Cant take my eyes off this decor.

Simple but yet patriotic.

Just perfect for any mantle.

The combination everywhere you look.

Enjoy the moment


Monday, June 26, 2017

Refreshing summer treats

I had the opportunity  to attend a
 birthday celebration the weekend in my home town.
 It was a special event as family
 friends gathered to celebrate  
this milestone of my cousin's life. . .76 years.

I did enjoy it,

but oh my, it was H O T.

I can't count the times I told my
 friend how hot it was. 
 I know she was tired hearing me


I was tired repeating myself.

Summers are meant to be hot and
 humid especially here in the south.

That's why you will find many
 southerners sipping a cold drink.
 One of my favorite is tea.

I'm sharing  a few refreshing treats to enjoy. 

You don't have to be a kid for a Popsicle. 
 Just pick your flavor.

After the first lick, you're forget all about the heat.

Serve watermelon on a sultry summer day 
and enjoy the soothing taste.
 Watermelon is kid friendly and adult pleasing.  Right?

I do monitor our intake.

Sweet tea or iced tea, it doesn't matter
  what you call it, it's the best D R I N K on a hot day.
Just insert a straw into 
a glass of tea with lots of ice and enjoy every sip.

              Summer is the season where we make iced tea the reason.

I'm fond of layering my tablecloths.

If you notice,
 the white and beige tablecloths work well together.

If you're entertaining, why not

show off your summer pillows

.  Your guests are just waiting to pass along a compliment 

while you prepare their drinks.

Enjoy the moment.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer grabs

This is absolutely my favorite
 window in my entire house.

It's the perfect peek to my backyard garden.

flowers blushing,  flowering trees, 
some filled to the maximum with 
green leaves and hosta galore. 

 Have you ever heard of 
someone stalking their own yard?

Please say you are guilty. 

I am all about a little alone time
 to reflect on my surroundings
 focus on the importance of 
working with women of 
all ages in a church setting.  

Also, how grateful others are for volunteers.
It's soooo rewarding.
 It's a win,  win situation.

Summer is also bursting inside.
  I fell in love with this scarf
 it would make a beautiful table runner.  

Oh, there is a little drama going on
 don't you think?

There is nothing wrong
 pleasure in a bargain find.


Oh my
the blue.

I added the pop of blue.

Anytime I see a bargain, I am going to scoop it up.

I have a soft spot for scarves.

How gorgeous is the runner draped on the chair.  
Can't stop admiring the wide stripes.

The runner ties everything together. 

 So many grabs, I can't wait to scoop up more.

I wanted my napkins to be a simple display.


I'm just a bargain stylist.

Another peek

Enjoy the moment.

Until the next time,