Styling Tips

It’s obvious we have something in common, a passion for design and style. I enjoy shopping for decor, I enjoy styling my home, and I enjoy reading design magazines.  I‘m addicted to  HGTV design shows for  inspiration.
Let me share a few tips I have found to be valuable when styling my home. 

The 5 W’s  of  Styling
WHAT is my style?
Your style should create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your home. 
Your style should reflect your personality.

 Find your decorating style from Better Homes and Garden quiz:
Click here

WHO is affected by my style?
               You owe it to yourself to have an inviting home.
                Your family deserves a family friendly home.               

WHY style matters ...
                Styles makes an impression.
                It defines you as a person.       
Where to find design inspiration...
Magazines (favorite)
                                                  Traditional Home
                                                   House Beautiful
TV Shows  (favorite)
  Selling NY
Dear Geneive
 Candice Tells All
Design Star
Showcase ShowHouse
               Bravo (Million Dollar Decorators)    


Store (Favorite)
Home Goods
Furniture Stores 
WHEN will I know I have the right style?
If you love it
It has the WOW factor
 It works for you
~ Go after your dream ~ 
Susan @ HouzeStyle