Thrifty Finds

I brake, I stop, I shop for bargains.
I'm frugal but I'm not cheap.
It's all about my budget,
 my style, my finds and my time.
Looking for a bargain and where to find that bargain?  Remember, all your finds are not in one place. I have a tendency to find my style either on the clearance aisles, flea markets, antique stores, or thrift stores.  My favorite areas to shop: clearance aisles and clearance racks.  I browse magazines for ideas before beginning my thrifty shopping spree.

Try shopping within your home, you may find free hidden treasures.  I am a witness of such treasures.

Sometimes my finds are 75% off with an additional 50 percent. I know something is there with my name on it. I love it when my receipts reflect my savings in xxdollar amount. That means I have money left to spend the next time.

I shop with anticipation of finding a deal!
Enjoy your finds.
Susan @ HouzeStyle

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  1. Hi Mimi,

    I really enjoyed your blog and wealth of info. on Thrifty Finds and decorating.

    The flower garden was just beautiful, reminded me of my Mom's when I was a young girl and we had to keep the weeds pulled out from around the
    flowers. A job I hated, but it sure made the garden look so pretty.