Monday, October 28, 2013


For your home, what's your splurge?

For me , it's so hard to resist purchasing a clock.  I love a clock. 

If you have been following me for a while, you are so right, I love to shop but at a bargain price;


 I will splurge for a vintage clock.

I have a thing for these clocks  ...  maybe because they are:



add style to a room

Via pinterest

You're next....your time to show and tell your home splurge.

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Susan @ MiMi'z Houz

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Thursday Thought

Good Morning All!  Welcome to my personal thought for today!

Ask not what others are saying about you...

what are you saying about yourself...
Do you see your self as others see you?

Perceptions can be negative or positive..
what's important:  are they true.

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Susan @ MiMi'z Houz

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birds @ The Nest

What a beautiful Tuesday and  "like" the ideal of sharing it with great friends! Thanks for stopping by...

I'm so excited about my new thrifty finds from Michael's and Pier I.

While shopping with my sisters a couple weeks ago, I became MIA (missing in action). I wandered away from the group and visited  Michael's and Pier 1 and there it was....

an owl and a peacock

Am I the only one that find thrifty decor and wasn't even looking for it?  Have you experienced such a thrill?

Just had to share...soooo cute !

Must have...owl

 Must have...peacock

both a tea light candle holder

will spark a conversation

no need to break the bank
when there is a
clearance aisle

stemware ... Pier 1 purchase
several years ago

colorful and playful

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Susan @ MiMi'z Houz

Thursday, October 17, 2013

styling with white

Welcome all to the Houz....

Question for today! 

Are you....  
Overwhelmed with

 so many color choices
day dreaming of
purity.perfection.inviting.clean look

keeps jumping out to you
eye catching on blogs, decorating/design magazines, pinterest...


you know there are endless possibilities,


feel it may be boring



Me too...

Take a look of some pretty spaces
 Visual inspiration the shades

Go ahead...take a seat

entertainment time

love it like

gathering time

"me" time escape

Does white work for you?

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Susan @ MiMi'z Houz

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall at the front door

Let me count the way (s ) I admire fall!
Break from the heat..

The weather was so beautiful over the weekend. My 4 year old grandson and I decided to enjoy each other's company outside.  I cherish each moment I spend with him.

He enjoys the outdoors and definitely enjoyed the repetitive motion of the front porch rockers.  It was perfect weather and perfect time to decorate the front door while enjoying his company.

Instead of a wreath this year, I wanted to do something different.  You know how we make daily decisions, some with a greater impact than others. I had purchased earlier a broom and garland (you are right..a thrifty find) hoping to find a home for both.

Decision made...why not showcase my NEW broom?

Check it out..  My grandson said he "likes" it.

Broom it is.
a little drama with
 burlap ribbon
great choice

Feathery Birdie close up

"M" & "M"
a fruit garland.
Wasn't sure how I would use it, but this is sooo perfect
pine cone,branches
 speak Fall

My son pointed out the birds are enjoying the decorated broom.    Hope you were inspired.
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Susan @ MiMi's Houz