Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Birds @ The Nest

What a beautiful Tuesday and  "like" the ideal of sharing it with great friends! Thanks for stopping by...

I'm so excited about my new thrifty finds from Michael's and Pier I.

While shopping with my sisters a couple weeks ago, I became MIA (missing in action). I wandered away from the group and visited  Michael's and Pier 1 and there it was....

an owl and a peacock

Am I the only one that find thrifty decor and wasn't even looking for it?  Have you experienced such a thrill?

Just had to share...soooo cute !

Must have...owl

 Must have...peacock

both a tea light candle holder

will spark a conversation

no need to break the bank
when there is a
clearance aisle

stemware ... Pier 1 purchase
several years ago

colorful and playful

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1 comment:

  1. They are both so cute! Trying to decide which one I like best... maybe the peacock?

    ~ Kathi