Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finds for my office and more

Welcome to the Houz where things are constantly changing, never a bored moment.

I'm so excited to share with you today a few items that caught my eyes over the weekend. Sharing possibilities that will change the atmosphere in my home  office.

My weekend plans didn't include a shopping spree at Hobby Lobby.  
no regrets!
I had a great day!

I purchased several items that I admired earlier, 


this weekend, I was fortunate to find them on the 80% off clearance aisles. 

lucky me!

Thrifty shopping is all about the timing and location,  location, location. 

Delightful finds ..... all because of the timing and location. 

the rustic look;
the last one standing

OMG  this caught my eyes again.
Just 2 left.

Love this pic! 
O how I adore this pic
all alone this time on aisle number 2

My motto:  Let your eyes do the walking as you stroll down the clearance aisles. 

Another appreciated  visit from you.

Susan @ the Houz 


Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Pink Room

What is a little princess room without a little pink and a dash of white?

There is no need to change the tradition. 

For the past couple of weeks,  I have been window shopping for accessories for my granddaughter's bedroom.  Oh, was I excited when her parent asked me to decorate her new bedroom. 

They haven't moved in but here are some of my thoughts.  I'm still searching for the perfect lamp.

I can't wait for you to see some of the accessories I have selected.  Go ahead, take a peek.


She is one of the reasons I smile.

I can see so many bedtime pillow hugs.

and fav books for bedtime reading

I love this artwork
"You make my heart smile"
Works both ways:
 she makes my heart smile
 Mi Mi makes her heart smile.

Do you love Disney characters ?
It's a must for Minnie to come along

Purchased the pillow and book ends 
at Targets.
They were reduced 70%. 
Another great  bargain

close up of pink/white pillow


striped pillow 

Some of my choices.  I am sure she will enjoy. 

So what's your opinion on a little princess room all dressed up in pink?

Another appreciated visit from you. 

Susan @ the Houz 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Christmas in July

90 plus degrees doesn't speak Christmas
it is the perfect time for gift shopping, especially for a personal gift.

4 mugs:  a pop of color for my kitchen

They weren't a set, they weren't priced, but they were eye-catching.  I looked up and down at each: "where is the price"?  I knew they were worth something.  I spotted a "salesperson" who had the answer.  She was focused on stocking the shelves. I hated to interrupt her concentration, but I needed a price.  I wanted to make these mugs a part of my home.

Priced right  ... 25 cents each "take me home"

I stood speechless for a moment trying to decide if I had the perfect space for each.  I didn't want to buy just 1 and leave the others.  This was a moment when decorating in threes meant nothing to me.

I didn't have to stage these mugs to share.  I had purchased a unique rack several years ago.

Perfect place to hang out!


Yellow, green or blue.
  my home welcomes you.

Whether you are a single mug

or a pair

you will always have 
a place in my home.

A perfect place to hang out,
at my home.

Mixing elements 

My home loves beautiful décor.

Home again!

Do you have a  perfect set of mugs hanging around your home?

Thanks for stopping by.

Susan @ the Houz 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I love stripes

The pattern is back!

Good  morning

images via pinterest

Thanks for the visit. 
Hope you were inspired.

Susan @ Houz

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It was an accident.

A day at the Houz ... good  morning! 

With a cup of coffee in one hand, design ideas dancing in my mind, my eyes staring at my mantle which holds my morning inspiration,  my ampersand sign, I knew immediately  I would be facing a happy day. I call it my special morning moment.

Don't  we all have one thing that puts a smile on our face?

Over the past few months, I've been purchasing some decorative pieces to bring life to my fireplace.  I remember as if it was today
my "ampersand " purchase.  Perfect size, perfect color and I had the perfect  spot.   

Well, I broke it.

Here is what happen.

Haste makes waste
Haven't you heard this before?

As I begin to remove items from the

 mantle in order to decorate for

the 4th of July, a little voice kept saying, 

be careful
 handle with care
take your time

Should I repair it
should I make a trip 
to Hobby Lobby?

Moving at my usual fast pace,
 I began swapping items one by one


  it slipped out of my hand.
  It landed in two pieces
 I felt like my heart landed beside it.

My first thought,
 why this piece?
It was the only piece 
damaged during the swap.

Thought I would share my 
experience as I see it as


Lesson Learned
never decorate in high gear...

Thanks for stopping by
Happy styling
Susan @ the Houz

Friday, July 3, 2015

White tablescape in the summer

The heat wave is on!  It's  summertime. It's  the season for entertaining. 

Are you wearing your hostess hat?

Summer is the best time to show off your kitchen with white accessories.  

From the white linen, to the white plates, to the white serving bowls, your kitchen table can be transformed to a space that will impress your guest.

It doesn't  have to be an expensive transformation.  Use what you have on hand. 

Mismatch  your dishes
Use simple plates, simple but yet gorgeous 
Mix shades of white (ivory....off white)
Pop of color

 I'm excited to share my summer white tablescape .  It is so me.

Can't you tell I love a white tablescape? 

Thank you so much for the visit. 

Susan @ the Houz 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Patriotic mantle

It's time to celebrate!

Happy Independence Day all.

A little embarrassing, but this is my first;
my first year adorning my mantle for the 4th.

a little red
a little white
a little blue

I knew I needed the three primary colors:
red, white and blue
to reflect the holiday.

I found all in a set of books 
at the Rescue Mission.

Red is such a bold color and I just
 wanted it to pop not dominate;
it really pops against
the grey and white pillows.

Give me fall and give me Christmas,
 and I will pour my heart out in adding
 a little flair to my home.
Now, the 4th has been added to the list.

I'm obsessed with the frosted vases.
  They are a great
 addition to the patriotic décor.

 the non traditional décor compliments
 the mantle display.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you enjoy the celebration. 
Be safe and have a Happy 4th.

Susan @ the Houz