Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It was an accident.

A day at the Houz ... good  morning! 

With a cup of coffee in one hand, design ideas dancing in my mind, my eyes staring at my mantle which holds my morning inspiration,  my ampersand sign, I knew immediately  I would be facing a happy day. I call it my special morning moment.

Don't  we all have one thing that puts a smile on our face?

Over the past few months, I've been purchasing some decorative pieces to bring life to my fireplace.  I remember as if it was today
my "ampersand " purchase.  Perfect size, perfect color and I had the perfect  spot.   

Well, I broke it.

Here is what happen.

Haste makes waste
Haven't you heard this before?

As I begin to remove items from the

 mantle in order to decorate for

the 4th of July, a little voice kept saying, 

be careful
 handle with care
take your time

Should I repair it
should I make a trip 
to Hobby Lobby?

Moving at my usual fast pace,
 I began swapping items one by one


  it slipped out of my hand.
  It landed in two pieces
 I felt like my heart landed beside it.

My first thought,
 why this piece?
It was the only piece 
damaged during the swap.

Thought I would share my 
experience as I see it as


Lesson Learned
never decorate in high gear...

Thanks for stopping by
Happy styling
Susan @ the Houz

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