Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finds for my office and more

Welcome to the Houz where things are constantly changing, never a bored moment.

I'm so excited to share with you today a few items that caught my eyes over the weekend. Sharing possibilities that will change the atmosphere in my home  office.

My weekend plans didn't include a shopping spree at Hobby Lobby.  
no regrets!
I had a great day!

I purchased several items that I admired earlier, 


this weekend, I was fortunate to find them on the 80% off clearance aisles. 

lucky me!

Thrifty shopping is all about the timing and location,  location, location. 

Delightful finds ..... all because of the timing and location. 

the rustic look;
the last one standing

OMG  this caught my eyes again.
Just 2 left.

Love this pic! 
O how I adore this pic
all alone this time on aisle number 2

My motto:  Let your eyes do the walking as you stroll down the clearance aisles. 

Another appreciated  visit from you.

Susan @ the Houz 


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