Friday, April 21, 2017

Adding extra flair to serving cart

Do you have that one purchase
that has never served its purpose?

 Although it's  labeled as outdoor use, 
my serving cart has never spent a second on my deck

The question of today, is it serving its purpose?

  If it makes you smile, it's serving its purpose.

 My cart has traveled throughout my home.
It's as though we have a special relationship,

you lead the way and I will follow.
I love to create vignette. 

Soon we will experience another season change
and I'll frequently
grab a glass of cold sweet tea.

Until then,
grab a cup of coffee
let's check out this cart.

You'll find flowering dogwood branches, 

Allow me to pat myself on the back:
when the blooms died, I was able to use the greenery in another photo.

You'll  find fresh flowers
 a must have.
decorative box

It's obvious I love a decorative box just as much
as a decorative pillow or two.  
They are just a part of my unique style.

Celebrating my style with a smile.
As always, my pleasure to meet again.


Tablescape that screams spring

Very few things can top the
 instant inspiration  as a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Yes, yes, yes,
I really enjoy starting my day with a simply thought of a change in my home, like moving a pillow
 from one chair
to another
or changing candlesticks.
Maybe I'm addicted  to changes,
I do know how amazing it is everyday I get to choose.

Something as simple as should I take the indoor outdoor
 outdoor indoor or what color scheme.

Today, it's indoor living in my kitchen.
  This is where my day begins.
  It's a showstopper every morning. 
 Coffee and me and my blush pink.

I had a vision for my table that would suit
 outdoor or indoor, except my runner was not outdoor
 material  and it would only be a short stay outside...

My recent purchase of these colorful bottles
from Targets is such a lovely centerpiece
 how they scream spring.

Guess I grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my indoor living.

Thanks for joining me!

  Hope you were inspired.
Love the company.