Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Perfect for fall

Hello friends
Hello September

Writing this as I look forward  to waving goodbye to summer.  So here I am today, ushering fall in a few weeks earlier with touches of fall decor.

I don't  recall as a child seeing a lot of fall decoration. 

My side table is the perfect place to showcase a fall table setting.  

To get the green look that I had in mind for the fall,  I chose to accessorize with green apples. 
I'm  loving this fall style with shades of orange.

Crystal candle holders are a fav of mine.
  To be honest, I love decorating with candlesticks whether 
they are crystal, brass, silver or gold.  

Perfect for fall

I couldn't  resist these leaves I 
purchased several years ago.

What is fall without a pumpkin.

What I love about fall is the
 and colors of leaves.

Hope you were inspired by my fall touches.
that's it Houz friends.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Houz thrifty finds

Hello all,

One thing you should know about me is that I can find a bargain.

 Lately, my weekends have been hanging out at the thrift stores.   It's called a bargain hop shopping spree.  That makes me happy!

Was it worth it? 

Let's  find out......

Let's begin here .....
 a rose from me to me. 
I think I deserve to be pampered.

Or let's start here 
where a dream comes true.
  I have been searching for this little teapot.
Yes, I do love it.

Let's begin here

with my vintage flatware collection,
Piece by piece,
  it's been a treasure hunt and I love
 the detailed and the mismatch.

Are you one that love candles, regardless 
of the size or color.
I do, and don't leave out the candlesticks.

Lovely colors for the Fall, 
Thanksgiving and even Christmas d├ęcor. 


With the cold winter days ahead,
 I invested in the right thing,
a Ralph Lauren blanket to keep me warm.

Now, I am second guessing my self,
I should have shown the blanket first. 
 Just beautiful, right?

Do you keep a throw nearby 
during the winter?




I will be busy for a few days getting 
my finds in top shape.

So glad you stopped by to check out my finds.
 I have no regrets.
  It was worth every shopping moment.

Happy  early fall and enjoy the week.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Workspace

Hello Houz friends, 

Are you ready to see my workspace?

I get so excited when Chip and Joanna Gaines (HGTV Fixer Upper) ask their clients:  Are you ready to see your fixer upper?  

There are so many reason I'm sharing my work space.  There are so many new thrifty finds, repurposed items,  and the switching of items  making it my space.

I'm drawn to shades of grey, white, pop and pops of color.  I love color.

When you enter my home, this is one of the spaces that will greet you.

The view

I love this beautiful view.

The magazine collection

I have sooo much fun flipping thru 
these old magazines, comparing
 yesterday's designs  to today's  designs.

OOO, the thrifty finds...

The pops of color

Bold pattern makes me happy.

The Thrift store finds
Gorgeous  candlesticks

Instead of a candle on the candlestick,
I chose this decorative piece.

  Love this lamp base. 
 A thrift store find. 

The Switch

The candle isn't a thrifty find. 
It's the only thing found in 
my office with a full price tag.

I adore an organized
 and functional work area.

Happy to share my 
workspace with you.

Thanks for the visit and enjoy your day.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finds for my office and more

Welcome to the Houz where things are constantly changing, never a bored moment.

I'm so excited to share with you today a few items that caught my eyes over the weekend. Sharing possibilities that will change the atmosphere in my home  office.

My weekend plans didn't include a shopping spree at Hobby Lobby.  
no regrets!
I had a great day!

I purchased several items that I admired earlier, 


this weekend, I was fortunate to find them on the 80% off clearance aisles. 

lucky me!

Thrifty shopping is all about the timing and location,  location, location. 

Delightful finds ..... all because of the timing and location. 

the rustic look;
the last one standing

OMG  this caught my eyes again.
Just 2 left.

Love this pic! 
O how I adore this pic
all alone this time on aisle number 2

My motto:  Let your eyes do the walking as you stroll down the clearance aisles. 

Another appreciated  visit from you.

Susan @ the Houz 


Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Pink Room

What is a little princess room without a little pink and a dash of white?

There is no need to change the tradition. 

For the past couple of weeks,  I have been window shopping for accessories for my granddaughter's bedroom.  Oh, was I excited when her parent asked me to decorate her new bedroom. 

They haven't moved in but here are some of my thoughts.  I'm still searching for the perfect lamp.

I can't wait for you to see some of the accessories I have selected.  Go ahead, take a peek.


She is one of the reasons I smile.

I can see so many bedtime pillow hugs.

and fav books for bedtime reading

I love this artwork
"You make my heart smile"
Works both ways:
 she makes my heart smile
 Mi Mi makes her heart smile.

Do you love Disney characters ?
It's a must for Minnie to come along

Purchased the pillow and book ends 
at Targets.
They were reduced 70%. 
Another great  bargain

close up of pink/white pillow


striped pillow 

Some of my choices.  I am sure she will enjoy. 

So what's your opinion on a little princess room all dressed up in pink?

Another appreciated visit from you. 

Susan @ the Houz