Friday, September 22, 2017

It's time to enjoy autumn!

Instead of pumpkins galore
mums galore,

I decided on

FERNS galore

for an inviting entrance.

The green ferns look awesome with the black rockers.

I didn't  think I would find ferns this time of the year, but I did.

I swapped out all orange hues for plum and floral pillows

  Now they both have a seasonal look against the rockers too.

Pillows can do wonders.  I just borrowed them from the inside. 

I can't count the times I stood back to edit.


I got the green light to proceed with my ferns , I began snipping away the brown leaves and stagging the height of each pot for an elegant presence.

I began to show off my personality and style.

It was just as much fun preparing  my autumn porch as it is sharing.

I am so pleased with the look, 

  an autumn porch you will never want to leave.

Could this be more inviting


Thanks for stopping by.
Until the next time.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall fireplace facelift

I framed my fireplace with
black and white and wide stripes.

Yes, I'm the one who grabs all things black and white.

I didn't have the heart to leave the beach bag for someone else to grab at 50%.

All it needed for a fall LOOK was a few pine cone sprigs.

You can't miss the throw I purchased from "At Home" during the spring.

Hope you notice the black and white pillow and rug that usually pop up in a blog!  Thanks to Hobby Lobby 90% sale.

There is a lot of thrifting going on here.

  I empty my bins just like kids dump their toys all over the floor.

It's the same thrill!

Decision, decision
What do I play with next.

Just like a toddler.

I'm a big kid now!

The pumpkins, frosted bottles and candle holders found their spot on the mantle. 

and the bag.

The pumpkins were lost without
 the Pine cones as fillers.
  All sizes to create the perfect effect.

Can you imagine fall without the color orange?

The dollar store had these
 shinning pumpkins that caught my eyes.
 I wanted them all !

How beautiful are my pinecones
resting inside this beach bag.

 I intentionally didn't touch up the paint on the crate.
  Love the unfinished look.
It doesn't have to be perfect  to be beautiful. 

Happy Fall ALL
Enjoy the moment

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pillow talk this Fall

I grabbed items of color, texture and many candles and began styling.

I loaded and surrounded  my couch with pillows, rich fall shades.  Great way to brighten up my brown couch along with the rug I'm using as a throw.

My fav hobby is shopping for a bargain.
when the season changes, I'm ready.

I selected pillows 
of different sizes,

and added 
solid throw pillows to bring color to the ottoman.

Taking the couch to the next level 
with an animal print pumpkin.

a playful touch with an animal print pumpkin.

... pumpkin patch inspiration with shades of white
different sizes.

Would you believe I just purchased these pillows
Perfect timing.

Candles lighten up any area.

I feel honor to spot this pom pom pillow.

Until the next time,
Enjoy the moment!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Amazing shades of pink


ARE you obsessing over peonies this year?

There are somethings I wish its beauty was forever,
peonies are one of them.

I know I'm not alone, right?

Take a peek
 at this small round

 table bursting with peonies,

e v e n
the petals.

Who said it has to be a large table to hold pretties?

Have you ever wonder what really
 happens behind the scene

b e f o r e 


s h a r e

 of something beautiful?

Today, I'm sharing  a before a share shopping experience.

Shop, shop, shop
Yes, yes, yes
But there's more than you see.

It's no secret there is a lot of thought put in the process.
You are about to go behind the scene.

First things first.
As a cost conscious shopper,

my shopping cart is at the end of the clearanced aisle.
Don't like a congested area
 or any thing that may interfer with my dream.

You ask, why did I choose that item.

There are many times I admired the item before it was
It could have been as early as the first day on the shelf. 

a bottle of water is a must.

I prefer liitle  conversation  as I carefully pick a deal.

Always looking for quality  decoration. 
Must share the best.

If I don't see the clearance  aisle,  I ask.
My time is precious.

At check out, I stay focus as each item is scan.
I have a budget.

What's my favorite place to shop?
Shopping spree begins at home.

I stroll
 the same aisle a number of times.


many of my finds are the second time around.

That's part of what happens before I  share.

Enjoy the moment.
Until the next time,