Friday, February 9, 2018

love...Love...L O V E

But the greatest of these is LOVE.

If there was ever a doubt in my mind about being a bargain hunter, the doubt is no longer there.

Now that it's Valentine's Day, it's just an excuse to bring out those finds,  
 pink candles.

 I must pat myself on the back for buying these earlier. 

 I'm so proud of 
for decorating with thrifty decor.

So glad Valentine's comes in the middle of WINTER. 
 There're the roses, bouquet of flowers and the softer touches of color that scream spring.

Did you know we enjoy family time at holidays, except for Valentine's?
It's the day designed for 

Happy Valentine's  Day.

I collect candles, candlesticks, serving trays,
tablecloths, runners, napkins and white dishes.

I'm retired!
 I have time to grab a cup of coffee
 rush out of the house to the next sale.
  I'm just like that working person rushing out to beat the
morning traffic.

 I'm my own personal  shopper.

I'm impress with the person
who knows what they love.
Whether it's that candle that
sets the tone or the candle that  lights the mood.

Or a trunk serving double duty at the table.

Enjoy the day and receive the love.