Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tablescape with shades of purple

I just want to warn you, my tablescape
 doesn't have placements.

Yes, forgo the placements! 
I didn't go with the tradition. 
 That's it,
 I mixed and matched serving trays. 

Just a note, 
it didn't all come together on the  first try.

My inspiration started with the 
serving trays.

I pulled out 2 Kate Spade cups I scored  2 years ago from
@Homegoods for 2 dollars each.
A 50 cent scarf layered between
Pottery Barn plates and serving trays added  more color.

Perfect for spring,
 a combination of fresh flower serving as a centerpiece. 
 After purchasing the greenery,
I realized it could have been free from my yard.
  Now I know, right?

Take a look.
  Don't forget your coffee,
 as I have a few pics to share.
 Expect to see lots of color.

Until the next time

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