Thursday, January 22, 2015

reflective of the porch

Welcome to the entrance of my home front porch

 It's winter,


the countdown to spring is on.

I love it when mother nature gives me a spring day in mid winter..  a sunny 60 degrees day.

You know me, I have to find outdoor activities:'s a perfect day  for winter sprucing of the porch and it's a perfect day for porch sitting.

These mild temps make me appreciate my porch even more, a cozy and relaxing extension of my home.

Here is my winter style:

Lets sip and chat for a while.
coffee or tea?

Check out how my red pillow compliments the rocker;  such an inviting combination. 

What a beauty to greet my guest.

If you look closer, you may see my reflection and the grand's trampoline.

That's the joy of being a Mi Mi!

Wreath is from Michael's year end Christmas sale for just $2.00. The  berries and pine cones are a perfect addition for a winter look.  What a deal. Thank you Michael's.

This is just what I needed.

The coca cola crate is a great ideal for my pine cones, mini lite tree and lantern.  Did you notice the stand is another crate?

The rockers are my porch's best friend.  A spot for me to escape and relax.

 A must have ... a red lantern. This style is a cozy one.
Can you guess what lies inside the lantern?


A view without trampoline .. .. love, love my wreath

This sign fits all seasons and all occasions.  a year round decor.

I hope you enjoyed the chat as much as I enjoyed the company.

Thanks for stopping by
Susan @ the Houz

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

time pieces

How time flies when you are doing what you love!
Happy decorating.

Ever find yourself attracted to the same décor and faced with the decision

 do I purchase another

maybe a different size


shape or texture


even a  different style or color?


If you take a peek inside my home and listen closely (not sure if it's ever quiet enough to hear the sound), you will find  my inspiration:

decorative clocks

with that

 rhythmic ticking

tick tock
tick tock

all in one space

as they

tell the story about my home

 Take a look at my catchy collection,

my story

as time flies with

joyful moments

lots of laughter
   vacation trips
   sharing a day at work

and some times

a tear drop  

happy childhood memories

excited vacation  trips


much much more

What's your inspirational décor?

Thanks for stopping by
Hope you are enjoying your day
Susan @ the Houz

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ushering in the new year with childhood memories

Crates are a popular home décor today !
I'm loving these creative crate designs I found via pinterest.  It brings back childhood memories as a farm girl.  It was nothing to see multiple soda crates on our farm.   I find myself thinking of how my parents re-purposed the crates in relations to today's design.  So many similarities. What a treasure we had stored away.
Ready for some inspiration?

this speaks to me

so many ideas

cool crates for a child's room

very unique

serving a purpose for a family room

seasonal ideas


perfect for the kitchen

Do we have any farm girls out there?  I'm missing those good old farm days.

Thanks for stopping by
Susan @ the Houz 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Wishing you a winter wonderland

full of warmth, good health and happiness!

When the colder months arrive, I fall in love all over again with the shade of white. Most people find it boring  but I adore the shade for  the Christmas season and beyond.  It's a beauty!



I love the beauty of the world as mother nature blankets parts of the earth with snow and/or ice  (be safe)..... It's a picture perfect view....

the crisp clean look

the peaceful look


the sense of calmness

Why not introduce the same beauty with white tones and texture into your home?  the simplicity, the coziness

Take a look at these inspiring spaces for a winter hibernation!

image source: pinterest

I would love  to hear what winter color inspires you. 
Enjoy your winter!

Thanks for stopping by and be safe.
Susan @ the Houz

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cheers to 2015!

happiness is the 2015 word at the Houz

Happy New Year!

Time to say goodbye to 2014

It's a new year
It's a new beginning
and it's
time to reflect on our 2014 blessings
time to ask what we can do better this year
time we set goals
time when we make resolutions.

....a lot to consider 



 2015, I will focus on things in life

I enjoy
 things that inspire me
things that make me happy

Here's a preview of what's happening at the Houz this year.
Looking forward to another happy year!

pinterest image
"gratefulness" thankful, be appreciative of both the little things and the big things ... taking nothing for granted

 ....treat others as I would want them to treat me.. respect and show kindness

"enjoying every moment"
....concentrate on the "now" as tomorrow or even the next hour is not a promise

"positive thinking" the best in life...success has my name written on it

"volunteer "
....give back to the community ... it's  rewarding...a win - win situation

"smart shopper"
....find the perfect item (s) at the right price, all within my budget

"sharing a smile"'s contiguous. step to a laugh

I'm liking this list and it's all in my control.  I can do this, meet and exceed.

Wishing you the best and happiness throughout the new year!
Thanks for stopping by
Susan @ the Houz