Tuesday, January 20, 2015

time pieces

How time flies when you are doing what you love!
Happy decorating.

Ever find yourself attracted to the same décor and faced with the decision

 do I purchase another

maybe a different size


shape or texture


even a  different style or color?


If you take a peek inside my home and listen closely (not sure if it's ever quiet enough to hear the sound), you will find  my inspiration:

decorative clocks

with that

 rhythmic ticking

tick tock
tick tock

all in one space

as they

tell the story about my home

 Take a look at my catchy collection,

my story

as time flies with

joyful moments

lots of laughter
   vacation trips
   sharing a day at work

and some times

a tear drop  

happy childhood memories

excited vacation  trips


much much more

What's your inspirational décor?

Thanks for stopping by
Hope you are enjoying your day
Susan @ the Houz


  1. I love the quite tick tock of clocks--there is just something soothing and homey about it.
    Thank you for linking up with us at Merry Monday!