Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cheers to 2015!

happiness is the 2015 word at the Houz

Happy New Year!

Time to say goodbye to 2014

It's a new year
It's a new beginning
and it's
time to reflect on our 2014 blessings
time to ask what we can do better this year
time we set goals
time when we make resolutions.

....a lot to consider 



 2015, I will focus on things in life

I enjoy
 things that inspire me
things that make me happy

Here's a preview of what's happening at the Houz this year.
Looking forward to another happy year!

pinterest image
"gratefulness" thankful, be appreciative of both the little things and the big things ... taking nothing for granted

 ....treat others as I would want them to treat me.. respect and show kindness

"enjoying every moment"
....concentrate on the "now" as tomorrow or even the next hour is not a promise

"positive thinking" the best in life...success has my name written on it

"volunteer "
....give back to the community ... it's  rewarding...a win - win situation

"smart shopper"
....find the perfect item (s) at the right price, all within my budget

"sharing a smile"'s contiguous. step to a laugh

I'm liking this list and it's all in my control.  I can do this, meet and exceed.

Wishing you the best and happiness throughout the new year!
Thanks for stopping by
Susan @ the Houz

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