Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My Spring deck... this way

Spring deck wish list!

I just stared at my deck for a few minutes. 
So many thoughts kept running thru my mind.  
The temp was STILL cold;
either raining or light snow.
It was another cloudy spring day!
I had a plan.
I couldn't wait!

I knew I must make 
the deck a spring getaway.
I knew it had to be cozy.

I envisioned containers 
overflowing with blooms
 on every corner,
 on tables,
on any available stand.

Each chair needed a pillow.
 They could be of
different color,

I didn't forget the need for lush greenery .

 I began to use my powers of thrifting.

First, I shopped within my home.
Then I checked out @Lowe's plant clearance rack.

My deck transformed into 
 a cozy retreat.  

If you're looking for me, I'm celebrating the arrival of spring with 
warmer weather.  

This is it!

Let them bloom!

Until the next time,


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