Saturday, January 20, 2018


It was a challenge!
WINTER weather can take a toll on your outdoor living habits. 

I struggled to get my deck decorated
 before the snow melted.

It was 55 degrees today,
  Between my foot steps and the rising temperature,
 I was fortunate to include a little snow with my decor.
Oh yes, I slipped but I didn't fall. 
 That I'm thankful for.

Hope you are inspired.

I added a few before pics.

My favorite word for the WINTER season is cozy.
The combination of candles,
  plaid blanket and faux fur throw create a cozy look.

These candles...

I love a beautiful tablescape
 especially one so simple. 
 All I needed were five candles.
  No more,
 no less 
How beautiful.

Do you enjoy outdoor living year round?
  I have my favorite seasons.

Love the coziness.  
I wanted a cup of coffee, but timing was everything.
Just one sip please?


A few candles make any space cozy.

I ADORE my magnolia clippings. 
 What an inexpensive addition.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Hope you enjoyed the different decor used to staged the deck.

Be safe and stay warm.
Until the next time,
  • Susan

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