Saturday, January 6, 2018

Cozy winter

Just how gorgeous is winter when snow blankets the world. 
So beautiful....

Who knew we would begin 2018 with extremely cold weather.
I can't say I'm sad because it's extremely cold here, 13 degrees, and I'm home having time to declutter and organize.
 tis the season for cold weather. 

I am just grateful for a warm and cozy spot at home. I am thankful that I can count my blessings and try not to complain. 
The school system was closed and I didn't have to leave my warm spot to pick up my grand. It's
all God's will...

I know I'm not the first to say, Christmas is all stacked away and its time to enjoy the winter season. 
I thought of continuing with a little coziness. The white faux fur throw adds a winter touch.  
It's great to have nearby while sipping coffee.

Every sofa loves a few pillows.
I wanted winter touches to reflect the outside.

I thought why not keep a little greenery around, especially since I just purchased it:
80% clearance. 
 Just wanted to share more thrifty finds.
Feel free to crush on my white houses.  

They add drama to any spot.

These gift bags from Target's 90% clearance make 
  great napkin holders.

I brought all sizes. 
 They came in white with green ribbon also.

I always pick out things
I love @Target and wait for clearance time.

What better way to use ribbon than tie flatware?

Wishing you safe and warm days.
Spring is coming.

Until the next time,
Enjoy the moment.


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