Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Christmas in July

90 plus degrees doesn't speak Christmas
it is the perfect time for gift shopping, especially for a personal gift.

4 mugs:  a pop of color for my kitchen

They weren't a set, they weren't priced, but they were eye-catching.  I looked up and down at each: "where is the price"?  I knew they were worth something.  I spotted a "salesperson" who had the answer.  She was focused on stocking the shelves. I hated to interrupt her concentration, but I needed a price.  I wanted to make these mugs a part of my home.

Priced right  ... 25 cents each "take me home"

I stood speechless for a moment trying to decide if I had the perfect space for each.  I didn't want to buy just 1 and leave the others.  This was a moment when decorating in threes meant nothing to me.

I didn't have to stage these mugs to share.  I had purchased a unique rack several years ago.

Perfect place to hang out!


Yellow, green or blue.
  my home welcomes you.

Whether you are a single mug

or a pair

you will always have 
a place in my home.

A perfect place to hang out,
at my home.

Mixing elements 

My home loves beautiful d├ęcor.

Home again!

Do you have a  perfect set of mugs hanging around your home?

Thanks for stopping by.

Susan @ the Houz 


  1. Love, love your mugs, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I could wear them
    Great idea to shop for Christmas

  2. Love your creative hooks and the mugs certainly look right at home! I too am a color gal. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.