Friday, April 26, 2013

Free, Freebies, No Cost

Welcome to Friday's Finds

It doesn't matter which word you use to define a bargain as no money was necessary.  Let's refer to it as Free Friday Finds.

As my sister and I were walking thru my neighborhood, we discovered a bargain.  It pays to take a stroll.

I was so excited when I saw 2 lawn chairs on the curb.  Wasn't sure if they were a "give a way" . 

Well, we completed our walk thru the community but I couldn't stop thinking about them.  I  had to find out if they were free.  For those who know me well, I love a bargain but didn't anticipate getting one while walking. 

After the walk, I drove to the street I saw the lawn chairs but didn't feel comfortable just picking them up as they appeard to be in excellent condition.  Little nervous but spoke with the home owner and he confirmed they were there for pick up and I did just that.  He even help load them in my car!

 Buy One Get One Free
This BOGO doesn't apply for these outdoor chairs.

Get 2 Free
It was G2F  (no purchase required)

 They definitely compliment the bench
 I purchased several years ago. 

My hosta plants are showing signs of growth.  Will share later as they reach maturity.

Thanks for stopping by.

What is your Friday Find?

Susan @ MiMi Houz

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