Tuesday, November 12, 2013

fall touches

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Are you ready for the holiday?
I'm almost, a few steps closer than last week.

my kitchen area needed a little fall fluffing before guest arrival.  Always those last minute changes or additions.

Referring to my kitchen counter.  Even though I used it for food preparation, it should be festive also.

What was my inspiration for setting the stage?

white leaf plate with gold trim 

Take a look

I love to decorate with plates.  A simple and inexpensive autumn design:  I placed a decorative can and a tiny pear on stacked white plates. Very festive.

I love to adorn my home with a fruit arrangement.
  I love fruit!

The addition of tiny pears completes the fall look while the wall plaque enhances the fall color palette.

White and a punch of color...

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Susan @ MiMi Houz


  1. Beautiful! I just love Fall decor!

  2. Thank you for the reminder about the leaf-shaped plate I bought on clearance last year. :-) I'd love to have you link this up at our Thankful HomeAcre Hop on Thursday.

    Kathi @ http://www.oakhillhomestead.com - visiting from Lifestyle Blog Buddies :-)

  3. Love what you have done, I see those plates as inspiration to any season, by interchanging the elements. Love your blog..first time here from Blogalina...gonna follow you on some of your other social media groups. http://fitandbeyond40.com

  4. This post just reminded of a centerpiece that I need to put out on my kitchen table. Pinning this. Thanks for linking up to Traffic Jam Weekend!

  5. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Harvest Hop!

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