Tuesday, December 10, 2013

holiday table setting

Happy holidays!

Oh what fun it is to decorate for the holiday.

It's so rewarding to take the old and the new and create a perfect design, one you love and  an inspiration to others.
Most of my decorations are from previous years. I am loving my holiday table as it's a reflection of me.

Take a look...

Simple but yet festive.

 Not sure how long the reindeers have been around but so precious.   Always part of my annual decor.

Sometimes it's using what you have. Instead of hanging my wreath, I placed it on the table creating a stunning centerpiece.  The glittering wreath helps set the mood for the holiday.

Peacock, pine cone and a frosted
ornament top the winter white plate and charger. Love the peacocks I purchased at the end of the season....soo pretty.

Each year I find new ways to display my decorations. I love the many ways ornaments can be used.

From my home to your home, 
Merry Christmas.
Susan @ the Houz

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