Monday, June 29, 2015

Table top styling: 1 table ... 4 styles

Hello all!

You know you are in the south or should I say in North Carolina when the summer is so hot and the humidity is sooo high. 


all of your conversations begin with

It's  HOT outside!

Let's begin this chat with a few interesting facts about me and not the temp today.

Yes, I am a thrifty shopper

I definitely have a "catch all" table

OMG, I love to change up...not driven by
 the season and/or an occasion

One more fact, I love to style my home.

Take a look... 1 table...4 styles

1.  Collectibles

 This table reflects a transformation of a
 "catch all"  space to a display of
favorite accessories and/or collectibles.

They are visible at one glance not
scattered throughout the home.

2.  Silver and gold

Both elegant colors and showcased 
more during the Christmas holidays.
Decorating  with little touches for
 the elegant look.

3.  Pop of color 

Color adds interest to an area.

4.  White accessorizing  

You will never go wrong
 accessorizing with white.
It has a clean and fresh look and you
 are not limited to color.

 The green really pops on the mirrored tray.

These vignettes would look great on the kitchen  counter or the island. 

Thanks for the company today.

Susan @ MiMi'z Houz

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