Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Brighten up the last weeks of winter

15 degrees!

Welcome to a peak of spring at the Houz.

Seasons are like holidays to me. I'm always looking forward to the next holiday and the next season of my life as every season has its purpose.  Have you notice the days are longer, spring is appearing in stores and craft stores?  I love to browse and see what's in color for the next season and what may work in my home. 

Until it's official, I thought I would just taste spring.

One of my favorite ways to brighten up a room is a vase of flowers or a cup with flowers. These camellias are from my garden.  Their green leaves are just  as gorgeous as the blooms.  Not only do they brighten a room but shine outside against the dead bushes during mid winter.  I love driving up facing color in winter. 

So why not an interior mimic.

It's amazing how the buds fit so well in my mini coffee cup.
 This set is a thrifty find several  years ago
 and I'm just finding use for them.


this small floral arrangement makes a difference.


It is so cold outside and the sun is so bright. 

It has been a challenge.

The throw and pillow are recent finds.

My logs have found so many places to warm winter d├ęcor.

It will soon be time to change the clock. 

Thanks for sharing a portion of your day with us.

Warm wishes!


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