Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall table

First things first,
Bless all who gather here!

Do you know how much thought was put into this tablescape?

traditional versus non-traditional decor

casual versus elegant

natural versus candles

cake plate versus woven basket

tablecloth versus table runner

Decision,  decision,  decision !

Let's just do it....I'm not going to over think.

For my centerpiece,
 I envisioned a woven basket filled with pinecones
 several faux glass fillers to
add personality to the  table.

I thought of how much style my tablecloth
 purchased from HomeGoods would bring as a runner.
 I don't usually go this bright but I'm in
love with the color.
I feel fortune to find the logs at Joann's on the clearance aisle.
  All you thrifty hunters, they were priced right


 it was the right day to take a picture.









A table setting for entertaining.

Thanks for stopping by on such a great fall day.  Enjoy the view.



  1. Lovely Natural Fall vignette. Loved your large pics, it was like
    Really liked the color of the tablecloth/runner too. Very pretty.
    Blessings, Nellie