Friday, February 10, 2017

Love Day

But the greatest of these is LOVE.

I'm  so excited...
You are here!

Happy Valentine's!

I'm  in love. 

I love candlesticks 

I rounded up all the candlesticks 
I purchased
this year for this special day.

They are my inspiration. 

Not to mention that each one was discounted at 90%.

I searched high and low for pink d├ęcor.
  I knew I wanted to add shades of pink .


a pop,

 not a lot.

  When I spotted these pink placements,
 I  glanced but kept stepping.

  Just couldn't see my table with fuchsia  placements.

Well, I kept stepping until I returned back to that aisle.  

My thought was I like the color.

Why not give them a home.

  I immediately began to think outside the box.

 They look great as rolled napkins.  

It's therapy  to decorate 
with things you love.

  That's what this short month is all about,


  It's frequently referenced as the

Wishing you an awesome Valentine's Day.


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