Monday, May 8, 2017

Moments with mom. The color yellow

I have a super mom to tell you about!

I must admit, she was awesome.

She  loved all ten of us unconditionally.
She spent quality time with each of us recognizing our individual strengths and areas of need.

Her hugs, her kisses, her love
are all memories we continue to treasure.
Mom always shared!

To know mom is knowing her children, her grands and great grands.
A piece of her lives on in each of us.

She deserves recognition.
  Being a Mom of ten, which included 2 sets of twins,
 she loved her job
exceeded all expectations of motherhood.

She wasn't  selfish
She wasn't abusive
All that unconditional love!
She provided us with a safe haven.

Being a mom of ten, she had the skills:

Time management

I remember the color yellow.
  It was her inspiration  for styling our 4 bedroom home.
  She had an eye for design.

I remember the times we gathered
 as she played the piano.
Our yard was surrounded with pecan
 crepe myrtle trees. 
 Her favorite annual flower was Zinnias.

My mother's day tablescape is a tribute to our "MOM"

That's our mom.

I'm sure I left out something.

Before I forget,
 we lived in a white house in DC.
 (Duplin County)

Mom thanks for being you. 

Happy Mother Day to all you moms!



  1. What a lovely tribute to your Mom.....and a lovely table vignette
    as well. I have always loved yellow too, it is such a happy
    color.....sounds like your MOM was a happy lady, so that sounds
    like just the color for her..........
    Happy Mothers day to you as well,
    Blessings, Nellie