Thursday, February 21, 2013

Positive Thinking

Thursday's Thought (TT)
Welcome to another Thursday, and thanks for stopping by.
2013 is already two (2) months in the making and this is the shortest month.
Any thoughts on your goal(s) for this year?
My personal 2013 goal and years to follow is to maintain a "POSITIVE" attitude.  It's an eight (8) letter word that brings energy and releases the same to those I am surrounded by.
~ Several ways in which I attract positive energy ~
  • start the day with positive readings/thoughts...
  • enjoy and love life ...
  •  invite friends and family members to be part of my day...
  •  count my blessings...

~ Positive thinking quotes that inspire me ~
Remez Sasson Quotes:
  • A positive attitude brings strength, energy, motivation and initiative.
  •  Positive thoughts are not enough. There have to be positive feelings and positive actions.
  • When you say "I can", and expect success, you fill yourself with confidence and happiness.

Staying positive ....

 Susan @  MiMi's Houz
Enjoy this day!

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