Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Winterize your home with a Splash of Color

Hello winter!
As you know, February is the shortest month of the year, but it carries its winter days. As the temps continue to reflect winter; your home should maintain warmth, comfort and an inviting atmosphere for you and your family members.

We have the tendency to put a lot of effort in spring, summer and fall seasons by cleaning, planting, and maintaining our landscape, but now it's time to focus on winter... winterizing our home.

What inspires you? What is your inspirational season or vacation spot?
• Beach
• Mountains
• Clear blue skies
That which inspires you can help you pinpoint the color that suits your style. Bring your inspiration inside your home. Whether you use rich/vivid colors or neutral colors, your decor should reflect your PERSONALITY, your STYLE, your HOME.
A cold winter day with freezing temps, tree limbs hanging with ice or a winter day white as snow doesn't mean your living spaces have to be cold and sterile. You want to maintain a relaxing mood in your home. Give it a pop of color, as color gives added warmth.
Let's prepare for the winter months with the front entrance. First, display weather resistant pillows on the front porch chairs that coordinates with the outside trimming of your home. Spruce up the front door with a touch of paint. These are affordable transformations that create an inviting curb appeal just for you after a long day at work.
Next, take a peak in your closet. What color dominates your wardrobe? Take a clue and accessorize your bedroom with throw pillows, window treatments or a throw at the end of the bed with this color. If you are not intimidated by rich colors, create an accent wall.
Autumn has a variety of colors to choose from: orange, brown, red and yellow. Can you visualize burnt orange throw pillows displayed on a creamy white sofa or a pop of red in a room painted white with a serving tray/three colorful vases displayed on a cushioned ottoman and an area rug with the same color coordination? This is an invitation to cuddle up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of coffee. 
Artwork and accessories with texture and color can create a relaxing atmosphere through out your living spaces.
Let it snow! Let it snow!
Design Diva

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