Thursday, July 25, 2013

A peek into my garden

Good morning and welcome to my passion!
(I'm dedicating this post in remembrance of my mom ,,,
 Her date of birth...July 25th.  This was her passion also).

As a plant lover, I enjoy my solo morning stroll thru my garden. Well, maybe it's not a solo stroll as I am accompanied by the birds singing, butterflies sightseeing and enjoying my butterfly plants/flowers and joggers taking a peek as they jog by.

My itching green thumb has been at work.  I love the feel of the soil, I love shopping for flowers/plants, dividing plants and I also love sharing with admirers.  Most of all, I welcome the opportunity to showcase my garden.

So come along and take a stroll with me this morning. It's hot and humid, but all you need is your coffee or juice. I'm confident you will enjoy the tour.  

My garden highlights .... Let the show begin!

hardy perennials
ground cover
another angle


 flowering bushes

 curbside perennials

 clusters of blooms

 attracts butterflies
hummingbirds, bees
hardy perennial
 friendship swap

great borders

Spring blooms
a colorful showcase
 from spring to fall

drought tolerant

 'til fall survivor

 Lowes  Home Improvement
 TLC shelf finds
bright blooms
sun lover


 shade lover

perfect plant-little care



I hope you enjoyed the tour and scenery.  
Thanks for stopping by.
Susan @ MiMi'z Houz

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