Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From Fall 'til Thanksgiving

Farewell summer!
  • Goodbye a/c
Hello Fall!
  • Welcome cool nights
Today, I just wanted to share my fall mantel, all dressed and ready for your view.

I know, I know my artwork is not the norm for the fall season, but it's one of my fave.  I am inspired by the saying, it expresses our family values and creates personality for my home.

So excited you are here...

The word art hung above my kitchen sink, now it's the focal point for the mantel...

Such an inspiration!


I knew immediately it would be a challenge decorating around it.
 Don't we all welcome a challenge?

My challenge turned into a vision
my vision into creative vision...

I began to add elements:  varying heights, varying size objects and layers. 

colorful foliage
crystal clock
watering can

a little bit of textural interest
Eye catching

the letter "K", reminding me the artwork first home was the KITCHEN

.. and
my mantel was beginning to look a lot like fall.  A seasonal decoration that will inspire those who enter my home ..  now 'til Thanksgiving.  Got the fall spirit.

Thanks for stopping by the Houz.
Susan @ MiMi'z Houz



  1. Very nice! I love the pop the apples bring!

    1. Love it!! I have to shake your hand - maybe some home decor skills will rub off. :-) Love it MiMi..... Kim C. Newton

  2. Love how you pulled it all together. And I sooo adore that leopard print watering can!