Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Houz thrifty finds

Hello all,

One thing you should know about me is that I can find a bargain.

 Lately, my weekends have been hanging out at the thrift stores.   It's called a bargain hop shopping spree.  That makes me happy!

Was it worth it? 

Let's  find out......

Let's begin here .....
 a rose from me to me. 
I think I deserve to be pampered.

Or let's start here 
where a dream comes true.
  I have been searching for this little teapot.
Yes, I do love it.

Let's begin here

with my vintage flatware collection,
Piece by piece,
  it's been a treasure hunt and I love
 the detailed and the mismatch.

Are you one that love candles, regardless 
of the size or color.
I do, and don't leave out the candlesticks.

Lovely colors for the Fall, 
Thanksgiving and even Christmas d├ęcor. 


With the cold winter days ahead,
 I invested in the right thing,
a Ralph Lauren blanket to keep me warm.

Now, I am second guessing my self,
I should have shown the blanket first. 
 Just beautiful, right?

Do you keep a throw nearby 
during the winter?




I will be busy for a few days getting 
my finds in top shape.

So glad you stopped by to check out my finds.
 I have no regrets.
  It was worth every shopping moment.

Happy  early fall and enjoy the week.


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