Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Around The Fireplace

Hello Houz friends, 
What would you think if I told you
 springtime makes me smile. 

Do I see a smile?

I am one of those with a lot of nervous energy 
and spring is the season for someone like me. 

I have the option to work indoors or outdoors.

It feels so good to add color,
 remove heavy coverings 
and add a few sprigs of flowers throughout my home.  


How I love fresh flowers and plants, and shrubbery, and ground coverings.
Did I miss anything?

I love to decorate  with candlesticks,
 so I am using several  I purchased at the end of the winter season.

I love pillows,
I love black and white
 and with a little color.

Not only am I  sharing my spring fireplace, I am sharing a secret.
Don't  tell!
I feel confident that you can keep a secret.  Right?
These sprigs are not from my yard. 
I only have dogwood trees in bloom.
 today, I build up enough nerve to ask for a few clippings ...
It was easier than I thought. 
 I smiled all the way home thinking of the possibilities

I styled, stood back for a view, edited and admired and waited for the sunshine to peek through  the windows.

Welcome to my 
spring styled fireplace.

Keep smiling as you do the things you enjoy this season.

Thank you for stopping by.


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