Thursday, July 6, 2017

Amazing shades of pink


ARE you obsessing over peonies this year?

There are somethings I wish its beauty was forever,
peonies are one of them.

I know I'm not alone, right?

Take a peek
 at this small round

 table bursting with peonies,

e v e n
the petals.

Who said it has to be a large table to hold pretties?

Have you ever wonder what really
 happens behind the scene

b e f o r e 


s h a r e

 of something beautiful?

Today, I'm sharing  a before a share shopping experience.

Shop, shop, shop
Yes, yes, yes
But there's more than you see.

It's no secret there is a lot of thought put in the process.
You are about to go behind the scene.

First things first.
As a cost conscious shopper,

my shopping cart is at the end of the clearanced aisle.
Don't like a congested area
 or any thing that may interfer with my dream.

You ask, why did I choose that item.

There are many times I admired the item before it was
It could have been as early as the first day on the shelf. 

a bottle of water is a must.

I prefer liitle  conversation  as I carefully pick a deal.

Always looking for quality  decoration. 
Must share the best.

If I don't see the clearance  aisle,  I ask.
My time is precious.

At check out, I stay focus as each item is scan.
I have a budget.

What's my favorite place to shop?
Shopping spree begins at home.

I stroll
 the same aisle a number of times.


many of my finds are the second time around.

That's part of what happens before I  share.

Enjoy the moment.
Until the next time,


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