Friday, June 30, 2017

Let's celebrate Independence Day

God bless America! 

If you love grilled food, cold drinks,
surrounded by red, white and blue,
 you are among millions celebrating Independence Day.

It's almost July 4th.
  Nothing gets better than the American flag flying high.

Who's dreaming of all the 4th traditions?
Are you a fan of the ocean
do you prefer the backyard gathering?

How about this to reflect the celebration.

Once I get the vision,
 I'm non stop.

I thought of candles.
Yes please.

I am inspired with timer candles,
especially when you spot  them on Targets 
cart stopping clearance aisle.

Oh how I am liking this.

Red, white and blue.
Nothing gets better than family time.

A shot to get you inspired for the holiday.

Cant take my eyes off this decor.

Simple but yet patriotic.

Just perfect for any mantle.

The combination everywhere you look.

Enjoy the moment


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