Monday, June 12, 2017

Petals, Blooms, Flowers

If I don't stop at the market for a bunch,
 I'm at home rearranging  what I have.

I find some super cheap and others a little expensive,


I'll say "y e s" anytime to fresh cut flowers.
yes, on a side table,
  yes, on my mantle
yes as a centerpiece.

 So much beauty,  I can barely contain my self.

 I adore each bloom until the last petal falls.

There's definitely a must for fresh cut flowers on the corner of my sink. 
 It makes washing dishes more of a pleasure than a chore.

I challenge you to try it.

I personally welcome the showers
the sunshine



there wouldn't be so much inspiration in the world.

Enjoy the simple ways I have displayed my flowers.

What an impact.

Love the simplicity

So much beauty in a single rose


They are a treat while they last.
Loving this

Simple but inspiring

A single rose says it all

Tablescape  impact

Just a love moment.

Right out of the garden

I'll take a trunk load.

Enjoy the moment.

Until next time,


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