Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Decorating with black and white

I couldn't be happier!
When I say I'm happy, I mean I'm sooooo happy.

I'm sharing a refreshed side table
 decorated just for me.

Nothing is more inspiring 
 than black and white with a pop of color,
 especially if the pop is fuchsia.

 If you will join me at the table,
 at some point during the conversation,
 I will confess I have a passion for
 pretty things,
IG is my go to for photo sharing.  There is so much inspiration. 

That's one reason my neutral
 loving home has become a home with color.

Styling this table has been so much fun.

I have a crush on black and white home decor.
  It's like the plain black dress we have; it's in style for years to come.  All it needs is a few accessories. 

What's great about using black, it's always in style.
I'm loving this tablescape.
   I knew I wanted to pair black and white plates and it dawned on me, I don't  own black plates.  The rest is history.

 Many of my decor in this post are finds while thrifting.
I am "a bargain finder".

I loose track of time when I'm surrounded by bargains but I'm never disappointed  with my finds.

I love mixing candle holder styles and shapes.  They look perfect together.

Didn't want to overpower the table with pink,
but I enjoyed creating a little drama with a feminine look.  
I knew a few candles would set the stage.
One of my favorite on the table.

I struggle with creating a beautiful flower arrangement,
  but I never feel defeated.
 Check out my stress free arrangement.

These napkins just steal my heart. 
They are leftover material from another project.
  A no sew; just roll, fold.

Are you curious of the cost of the candles still in their original wrap...
  less than 25 cents each so I brought all twelve.  
Another thrifty find.

I have future use for all 12.
  They will be a perfect addition  to my Valentine's Day decor and even Christmas.

Got a light weight scarf?
  Just drape it over one of your fav tablecloths. That's what I did.
See, you can't go wrong.

Enjoy the moment.

Until the  next time,