Monday, June 26, 2017

Refreshing summer treats

I had the opportunity  to attend a
 birthday celebration the weekend in my home town.
 It was a special event as family
 friends gathered to celebrate  
this milestone of my cousin's life. . .76 years.

I did enjoy it,

but oh my, it was H O T.

I can't count the times I told my
 friend how hot it was. 
 I know she was tired hearing me


I was tired repeating myself.

Summers are meant to be hot and
 humid especially here in the south.

That's why you will find many
 southerners sipping a cold drink.
 One of my favorite is tea.

I'm sharing  a few refreshing treats to enjoy. 

You don't have to be a kid for a Popsicle. 
 Just pick your flavor.

After the first lick, you're forget all about the heat.

Serve watermelon on a sultry summer day 
and enjoy the soothing taste.
 Watermelon is kid friendly and adult pleasing.  Right?

I do monitor our intake.

Sweet tea or iced tea, it doesn't matter
  what you call it, it's the best D R I N K on a hot day.
Just insert a straw into 
a glass of tea with lots of ice and enjoy every sip.

              Summer is the season where we make iced tea the reason.

I'm fond of layering my tablecloths.

If you notice,
 the white and beige tablecloths work well together.

If you're entertaining, why not

show off your summer pillows

.  Your guests are just waiting to pass along a compliment 

while you prepare their drinks.

Enjoy the moment.


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