Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer decor ... Never the same

Oh happy week!

A fresh look for a
 new week 
 a new Season!

"It's never the same around here."
 I hear this so often from family. 
 That's one of the best compliments ever.
It tells me others are loving my passion.

Black/white is popping up everywhere.
 it's in my bathroom
I am loving the color mix.

My bathroom needed a summer look.

It's one of the least expensive spaces to add new accesories.

a refreshing look!

When it comes to sharing my bathroom on social media,
 I have a little reservation.

  Don't laugh.

I borrowed this stool,
 it may be a temporary stay.

It's a popular seat around here.  It a perfect seat for a family member to share their day with me.

Here's a close up!

Do you see what I see?  Look at the design.
That's why I couldn't resist.

It's totally different from the one I'm replacing.
  It was also gorgeous with a lot of flowers
I'm loving the simplicity.

Beautiful  color combo. 
 The towels and shower curtain
are from Ollies. 
 Ollies is sort of new to the area and I forget it's here.
So excited I stopped by.  I got lost in choices and
stayed longer than expected.

I had to search hard to find the
perfect mat. Matter of fact, I made three stops and the third store had it.
I had a blush/pink mat at the register, but I knew a black/white mat would be a better

Have you ever had others to give you unwanted advice while shopping?

Um, I do like the look.

Enjoy the moment.

Until  the next time,


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