Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've been shopping

and it was well worth the wait!

Are you like me, do a little window shopping in November and December and wait for the January sales?  So excited when the items are still available and priced right.  But can you imagine my reactions when someone else liked it also?  Well, there is still a bargain waiting for me.

Something about thriftying is a challenge but very rewarding.
I will always be a thrifty shopper...more for your buck.

Oh happy day when I saw these poinsettia clips and the burlap ribbon. I know the holiday season has come and gone but it's okay. Just planning with pretty accessories for the upcoming season(s).

This ice bucket caught my eyes and my first thought was I have the perfect place to display as a functional and conversational  piece. People get excited when you think outside of the box. You hear the frequent statement, "I would have never thought of that".

Gray and white placemats  and a matching runner.  Since I use silver during the Christmas season, this will definitely compliment.

Just can't contain myself when I see a bargain.  Love creating seasonal vignettes

Love a little glitter and a little glamour. 

These chargers are head turners, that's why I purchased them.  I have always loved copper and use it sparingly in my home. 

I am in love with these white feathered birds. Face it, I am a bird watcher.

little obsessed with  this Mercury glass pumpkin.  Pottery Barn find for less than 20 dollars.

Already thinking about a winter wonderland mantle.

Just visualized these in a vase for a spring look.  Do you shop at HomeGoods?

Christmastime..snow on the branches.  These will be great tree fillers. What do you think?

Happy Thursday to all!

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Susan @ MiMi'z Houz


  1. Those are some great finds. I too like to shop for deco AFTER Christmas.

  2. Looks like you had some great fun and got some super deals! You'll have a good time decorating next year. :)

    Life With Lorelai

  3. Good shopping...thanks for inspiring the rest of us on the Thursday blog hop!!

  4. LOVE those chargers! And that Mecury Glass!!!

  5. I usually hit all the great places like Home Goods and Michaels for after Christmas sales, but this year I didn't. I changed up my holiday décor to include just vintage so I have no business buying anything else....maybe not till the holidays again! Visiting from Thursday Favorite Things..

  6. I love copper as well as other pretty metallics, too. I don't normally shop like that. I wish I could, but I'm the type to shop a week or two before Christmas all panicky!

  7. Those are great finds. I am definitely a thrifty shopper also. I love a good sale and a good thrift store too.

  8. Those are some nice finds! I like to thrift and clearance shop too.

  9. I NEED those burlap poinsettia's!! Where did you find those! Yes, it is so much fun to Thrift shop, significantly better than not thrift shopping. It is a fun challenge. You are a girl after my own heart :-0

  10. Love the mercury glass and LOVE Home Goods, wish it didn't take 45 mins to get there. I just can't buy holiday after the season, I walk right on by....because I am so tired of it by then. But I do like the sales on other home goods.

  11. It's been a long time that I haven't gone shopping. Getting some clearance shopping is like a heaven for me when I am shopping.

  12. Love the Bling! I live about 5minutes from a Home Goods, always great finds, especially on clearance. I've also had great luck on Pier One clearance items. I'm not a shopper, prefer NOT to go most the time, but no better time to shop for Holiday items than after the craziness of the crowds and when the price is right! Can't wait to see these pop up in your décor in future posts :)

  13. Thrift-shopping is the best therapy! You have a good eye for a quality bargain.

  14. The pieces you've chosen are wonderful! I bet you can't wait until December!