Friday, January 24, 2014

kitchen fantasies

Kitchens With
 Character, Charm, Color

Most of us start our day in the kitchen, grabbing a cup of coffee, piece of fruit or preparing breakfast for family.  A kitchen  may have a similar effect as a magnet, it pulls us in.

I think I am obsessed with my kitchen.  

I call

it the "heart" of my home


it's the place you may at some point find my family, friends and a meal.

I don't know your kitchen style, nor your personality or even your fav kitchen color (s),


as you view these designs, I think your reactions will be


Ooh, Aah 


and a WOW here


Did you fall head over hill
 with at least one of the designs?

Thanks for spending time at the Houz
Susan @ MiMi'z Houz



  1. I love the yellow and green kitchen! Yellow is a happy, cheery color. I actually used a similar yellow in my piano studio with the hopes that students would feel excited about lessons. Not sure if it is working, but it helps me to stay happy. :)

  2. I love them all :)
    Thank you for linking up with the Fantastic Friday Link Up :)

  3. Can I have them all? I would just die!

  4. If I close my eyes and squint then rub them really hard and squint harder I may have one corner that looks 'almost' as beautiful! What great pics and inspiration. I did love the OLD HOME AUGUST banner hung up, I could and just may do similar in my kitchen, maybe OLD MESSY KITCHEN

  5. I like the yellow one, reminds me of sunshine ;). My kitchen has a yellow touch as well, not as bright though.

  6. Oh, that first one is beautiful! I love that soft teal and the coral accents that are placed throughout! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I'm a lover of kitchens, too! And I actually love everything about mine except the cabinets. I will be redoing them this spring.