Friday, July 22, 2016

Love home decor

Today I'm sharing a little simplicity I'm enjoying at the Houz.

By the way, loving that beautiful smile you're wearing today.

 Good morning !

Nothing beats adding instant inspiration to a space than greenery with a touch of wood.

So simple, but so beautiul, I was able to perk up my side table with a spig or two. 

 I'm in love with my many cutting boards. I love mixing color, pairing a light tone with a darker tone


topping with a little decor of my choice.  I love blending shades of wood.

Did I use the "love" word again?

Somethings I don't ever want to go out of style because I love it!

Cutting boards are pretty.

Styling a side table is one of my fav space to decorate.
  I loove the look.

My chalkboard should be labeled inspirational.  One of my many trips to Hobby Lobby,  I spotted it.  Can you believe I didn't notice it until the last minute? It pays to revisit an aisle.

Recent Hobby Lobby finds.
  80% and 90% sale


Be sure to treat yourself to fresh flowers.
If you're  looking for me, I'm out looking for 
another cutting board for "display" 
  There is no such thing as having too many!
Thanks for stopping by again today.


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