Friday, July 29, 2016

Shopping the clearance aisle

Happy summer morning!

Are you waking up to another hot summer morning?   You're not  alone.


I'm so glad you're here because I wanted to show you my treasures. 

 I believe 

that clearance merchandise
can be another person treasure

I practice 

what I preach.

Here's a rose for you Houz friends.

This is it, a short version of my urge to
 make a change with a treasure or two.

I must pause for a moment and smell the rose.

This is how it all began.  
I started second guessing myself.  
Where do I begin?

Why am I stressed?
 There is nothing in my storage bins
that don't compliment my style.  
That's how I shop. 
Driftwood garland
Candle holder
Serving  tray
All clearance  merchandise. ...



I remembered 
 I spotted this sign 
back in the spring and
 purchased it for the future.  The future is here...
and the styling began....

Heat and humidity bring out the lazy side of me.
  Stay cool and enjoy the view.

Don't  forget your rose. 


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