Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Those summer flowers

Happiness is enjoying a slice of summer.

Hello sunshine! 

This is what landed in my shopping cart on this hot summer day, another bunch of fresh flowers.  Did I purchase them? Yes, yes, yes I did.

When I think of summer decor, fresh flowers immediately pop in my mind. To me, it's another way of adding fragrance and a simple touch of summer in my home.

I place them in a vase and allow the petals to fall where they may.

See how beautiful they are, a unique shade of white against my ivory bowl and housed by a thrifty find, my pitcher?  I love the look!

This is why I feel sooo guilty if I don't at least take a peek in the floral section.

A Michael finds. Love my rope spool.

Storage boxes are visible in every room.
  I can't imagine my home without  them.

I love showing my @ sign any season.
  I just pair it with the seasonal décor and it speaks beauty.

Stay cool. 
 Wishing you a great summer. 
I so thankful for you stopping  by.


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